credible evidence 


        Groovin' bass lines, rippin' guitar solos and catchy hooks are the m.o. of New Hartford, CT's Credible Evidence. Combining the elegant song writing of The Beatles together with the raw energy of bands like Cream and The Black Keys, they forge their potent originals to both cut deep and linger long. Their song book ranges greatly in taste from the Disco-Rock anthem "All in My Head" to the epic piano based "Are You Ready?" winner of the 2014 American Songwriting Award for best Rock song. How ever far they may travel along the genre spectrum their sound always maintains that distinct character, that is uniquely their own. With their new EP Moonlit Night's release on the horizon they urge their audience to listen responsibly and remember, all it takes is one song and you can be hooked for life. In other words, there's a reason they call it "Rock".

Credible Evidence's origins can be traced back to a pre-school classroom in the mid 90's, where founding members Connor McManamy and Devin Gilbert first met. What started with using blocks and crayons to create new worlds and imagination fueled stories would grow and evolve. With the introduction of musical instruments in their early teens they began a journey that would consume their every intention and lead to an obsession with creating masterful works of song. In late 2012 they would begin work on their first studio project Are You Ready? at Northfire Recording Studios in Amherst, MA. Joined by a fellow childhood friend on drums, the three would record the seven song EP.  Following its release in 2013, the group would be plagued with line-up issues. After years of toil they regained momentum in 2017 with the addition of stand-out drummer Stephen K. (Kryzno)  backing the old friends Devin on guitar and Connor on bass guitar. After recording their new EP Moonlit Night along with playing prestigious venues such as Infinity Hall and Toad's Place Credible Evidence enters 2018 guns blazing and eager to make up for lost time.